California(CA) Daily Derby Overdue Chart

California(CA) Daily Derby Overdue Chart
Updated: Wednesday, December 31st, 1969 07:00 PM

California(CA) Daily Derby is designed as a lottery game that consists of choosing 3 winners from 12 horses.

Our Overdue Chart lists the latest appearances for each horse, along with the number of draws for which each horse has not been drawn. This chart is updated after each Daily Derby drawing.

The latest draw for California(CA) Daily Derby took place on Mon Jun 05, 2023. The winning horses were 1st: -, 2nd: -, 3rd: - with Race Time 1:4:, and they are shown below in pink color.

By inspecting the Overdue Chart, you will notice how many draws for each horse did not appear is represented by the bar width shown next to each horse. We color-coded these bars to reflect for how long each horse has not appeared in California(CA) Daily Derby draws, with blue representing the lowest figures and red the highest.

As shown in our Overdue Chart, the top overdue horses are:

  • 7-Eureka - has not been drawn for 11633 draws. 7 last appeared on Sat May 13, 2023.
  • 11-Money Bags - has not been drawn for 11628 draws. 11 last appeared on Thu May 18, 2023.
  • 12-Lucky Charms - has not been drawn for 11626 draws. 12 last appeared on Sat May 20, 2023.
Seasoned lottery players often appeal to overdue horses to guess potentially winning combinations. You can use our Overdue Chart in combination with our Power Picks to generate such combinations.

Use the links below to see the California(CA) Daily Derby Overdue Chart for 12 racing horses. You can also have the chart ordered by horses or ranks.

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California(CA) Daily Derby Overdue Chart
NumberRankSkips Skip/Hit Pattern
811620 11620Skip and Hit Analysis
611622 11622Skip and Hit Analysis
711621 11621Skip and Hit Analysis
311626 11626Skip and Hit Analysis
1011619 11619Skip and Hit Analysis
811620 11620Skip and Hit Analysis
111633 11633Skip and Hit Analysis
511623 11623Skip and Hit Analysis
1011619 11619Skip and Hit Analysis
1011619 11619Skip and Hit Analysis
211628 11628Skip and Hit Analysis
311626 11626Skip and Hit Analysis
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